Life Coaching

+ Horses Wisdom = GAME CHANGER

A Unique Approach

to Fullfillment and Self-Leadership

Success is mostly

about conscious choice…
minus the mystery

Self Care is the Portal to Self Mastery


With a blend of positive psychology, neuroscience, energy management and mindfulness Mariona supports you in breaking through blocks and self-limiting behaviors which are holding you from living the live well-lived.

Personal Growth

Get the overall life & work balance that you have been dreaming off and haven’t managed to get on your own. 

Professional Growth

Based on research and scientifically proven methods I assist your team, department or workplace to be more effective, productive and positive while creating healthier work environments.

Redefining Success

Redefining what success means to YOU is both my pleasure and purpose. I thrive on working with individuals who are passionate and committed about creating and manifesting what they want for themselves. I listen closely, holding space for deep enquiry, When you work with me get ready to dive into a journey of self-awareness becoming acquainted with the real you and discovering the values, and beliefs that you stand for. You will come out with an understanding of who you are at your core and from there the masterpiece will be uncovered.

Where is your attention?

I believe in transformation through determination and positive energy, I never give up, I am a benefit finder, I focus on your strengths and help you manage your weaknesses so they don’t get on the way of your strengths. Intention informs attention, attention creates the current reality, a slight shift in the direction of your attention will lead you into a completely different journey.

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Meet Mariona

“My mission is to make this place a better world. A former lawyer, I decided to follow my bliss and support people reach their highest potential. It is my passion and purpose to help you RISE.” MR


“With knowledge, expertise, patience and compassion Mariona guided me and helped me grow in a unique and reassuring way. The clarity of her constructive advice lead to fast actions which positively impacted my professional and personal life alike. Mariona has an incredible ability to see the problems and offer the right tools to solve and make the most of a a situation.”

Dominique Bession

Executive At UNILEVER

“Mariona has a strong personality and a welcoming heart. She has the capacity to see one or a group’s holistic situation and with a very strategic, as well as a calm and focused approach, she engages with you in a such a wholesome manner that it is beautiful to be in and to watch. She’s a problem solver, she’s understanding, generous and intelligent, smart and has an uplifting, good humored energy! I loved working with her and feel that she is able to adapt and understand any type of person or group. She’s a visionary with a true heart.”

Mercedes C. Drever


“Mariona is a dynamic and powerful being, coach, and fellow traveler on the path. I am inspired by her dedication to truth and her willingness to bring herself to the edge for the sake of her own growth and desire to share with others. The world truly is a better place because of her and her passion.”

Coby Kozlowski

M.A., E-RYT - Speaker - Life Coach Trainer - Yoga Teacher Trainer

“It is difficult to describe what Mariona has meant to me as a Coach, perhaps one way could be this, if I had to choose amongst the 5 people who have had the biggest impact in my life so far, she is in that list. Thank you for your vision and commitment.”

Alejandro Tripoli

Founder and Partner , 121/Tribal Worldwide

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