“Knowing” you is the first essential step to have a fulfilling existence, so when I understood that I am highly sensitive, a lot changed. Accepting that there was nothing to fix, unloaded a big weight of my shoulders, but more importantly, allowed me to live on purpose, which is to bring light & hopefully lighten up people’s journeys.

My aim is to show you that there is a way to live simply, with truth and authentic power, meaning that when we honor who we are, the journey becomes simpler, when is simpler, we flow more, when we flow more, we relax and become more open, when we open up, we allow others to see who we are, not because it matters what they think, but precisely because it doesn’t. In doing so we feel brave, and drop layers and layers of energetic yarn that have been covering our wounds far too long.

So yes, I am an all sensitive being: strong smells, loud noises and not so loud (I love silence), negativity, violence, superficiality drain me, yoga, a warm latte, my child, my love, my home, my people recharge me, they plug me in back to life, a sauna, swimming, warm weather, a good romantic comedy.

When I visited the Kmer Rouge Killing Fields in Cambodia, I could not step in, the mere thought revolted me, my fellow travellers, my husband, and specially myself did not understand it, I somehow felt selfish and weak. I didn’t know at the time that I could sense deeper, feel the voices, the pain, without breaking and entering.

I don’t need such stimulation to raise my frequency, because it is already on a high note.

On the bright side, I do very well with beauty, positivity, goodness, creativity, when I source from that place, I feel invincible, and from here, I can serve.

If you wonder how it works think of a dog’s hearing, they can hear four times the distance of a human, and detect much higher frequencies, when exposed to very loud sounds, like fireworks, most cannot cope with it, they simply stop functioning and need to hide.

When you are highly sensitive, your pitch is much higher than the rest, only you know up to what level you can take and, when to retrieve into self care once you have crossed that bridge.

It is not about living in a box, much to the contrary; it is about understanding your unique mechanisms so you can get out of the box and step firmly into the world.

One of the reasons I do my work well is because I am highly sensitive, but the true reason is because I take care of my Self 80sh% of the time, yes, that 20% I pay the price, every time, mine is stiff neck, left shoulder & arm stop working… and a trip to my acupuncturist is due.

I am onIy human and forget about 3 times a year (ironically coinciding with the holidays) that I need solo time, every day, that I need meditation, every day, that I need yoga, often, that I need to eat simply, most days, that I need to rest, write, coach, teach, that I need to give & receive.

As needy as it may seem, I need what I need, full stop.

And what I need is to primarily ask all of the above from me, because deep inside I fight it every day, I question every single minute whether this is a blind spot for something else or it is the real deal, and every time I don’t listen, stiff neck. The stubborn in me pushes back thinking I am wonder woman, only to prove to myself, again and again the fact that: I need what I need, full stop.

If you are a high sensitive being don’t expect to be understood, drop the explanations and self victimization, toughen up, and do whatever needs to be done, which will be much more (or less) than most.

Have a beautiful day and reach out if you need support. Mua xx

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