Meet Mariona

“A former lawyer, I decided to follow my bliss and support people reach their highest potential. It is my passion and purpose to help you RISE.” MR

In my previous life I was a lawyer, well I guess you now understand… jokes aside, to give you a bit of a taste of my pre-coaching journey, I worked in the legal profession for several years in different firms around the world before heading to Singapore to work in the legal department of a major corporation.

These roles gave me the opportunity to travel to countries such as Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Indonesia to name but a few, gaining an incredible cross cultural experience and giving me a deep understanding of multicultural environments.

After some years in the corporate sector, I realized I had no passion or motivation left to keep doing the same old same, as I like to say, the inner “knocking” was deeply persistent to the point of annoying, so I could no longer ignore it.

I decided to listen, follow my intuition, and venture my Self in a variety of adventures to say the least. I’ll tell you this, it was fun, exciting, terrifying, challenging, steep, smooth, but I would not have it any other way, I take & keep the whole lot.

I bring to my coaching & mentoring a blend of positive psychology, neuroscience, energy management, and mindfulness techniques. Through a unique, multi-disciplinary approach, I work one-on-one or in small groups to create strategies and new tools to support individuals and organizations in living up to their highest potential.

Mariona is from Barcelona Spain, she is a Certified Life Coach, Integrative Health Coach, Positive Psychology Consultant, Mindfulness Consultant & Yoga & Meditation Teacher. She is also certified to impart Hogan Assessments and currently in training to become an Equus Coach. She has been traveling the world since she was seventeen, having lived in Barcelona, Paris, London, Singapore, Athens and the US. She speaks Spanish, English, French and Greek and is involved with multiple charities, teaches workshops, and has a passion for horses, self-development and making a difference. She now lives in CT with the loves or her life, her husband, her son and two dogs.

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