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“A former lawyer, I decided to follow my bliss and support people reach their highest potential. It is my passion and purpose to help you RISE.” MR

Before transitioning into coaching, my previous life revolved around the legal profession. I spent numerous years working in various law firms worldwide, and eventually, I found myself in Singapore, where I became part of the legal team at a major corporation.

These roles allowed me to travel to diverse countries like Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, and Indonesia, offering me invaluable cross-cultural experiences and a profound understanding of multicultural environments.

After spending some years in the corporate world, I reached a point where my passion and motivation for the same routine had dwindled to almost nothing. I often refer to it as the inner “knocking,” and it became persistently insistent, to the extent of being annoying. I could no longer ignore it.

So, I made a choice to listen, follow my intuition, and dive headfirst into a series of adventures, to say the least. I can tell you this: it was a mix of fun, excitement, fear, challenge, steep climbs, smooth rides, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I embrace and cherish the entire journey.

In my coaching and mentoring, I bring together elements of positive psychology, neuroscience, energy management, and mindfulness techniques. Through a unique, multidisciplinary approach, I collaborate one-on-one or with small groups to develop strategies and innovative tools that empower individuals and organizations to reach their highest potential.

Mariona is from Barcelona Spain, she is a Certified Life Coach, Integrative Health Coach, Positive Psychology Consultant, Mindfulness Consultant & Yoga & Meditation Teacher. She is also certified to impart Hogan Assessments and currently in training to become an Equus Coach. She has been traveling the world since she was seventeen, having lived in Barcelona, Paris, London, Singapore, Athens and the US. She speaks Spanish, English, French and Greek and is involved with multiple charities, teaches workshops, and has a passion for horses, self-development and making a difference. She now lives in CT with the loves or her life, her husband, her son and two dogs.

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