One of the ways in which I express my purpose is through Life Coaching, and to this specific table I bring the many tools I have gathered from my studies in yoga, meditation, mindfulness, positive psychology and most importantly my life experiments & experiences…

Today I am going to talk about Choice. To me Choice is truly about expressing personal power, so much so that when we don’t own our choices then, at the end of the day we are borrowing someone else’s life… as Caroline Myss puts it, the power of choice is even greater than love, because in order to love we must choose to have a loving heart.

But the mere exercise of choice doesn’t necessarily brings us forward, very often, if unconscious or fueled by fear, much to the contrary, we end up reacting in front of challenges, instead of acting from a place of discern.

What I became really interested in was in what I call Conscious Choice, this is a choice that emanates from a committed search into the depths of our beings, because only when you know who you are, you can have a clear idea about where you wish to go and what fellow travelers you want in that journey.

So in going through this enquiry I felt there was a natural process that could help my clients move further and faster into a life of purpose, this is how GOL came about.

GOL stands for Ground, Observe, Lead. I like to refer to GOL as a movement in its most literal meaning, as a series of actions to achieve a result, an invitation to become acquainted with your self and only then, from that place of true intimacy and knowing, move on and make your choices.

This is a flexible and moldable adventure, as much as I encourage to follow certain rhythms and steps first, each individual is unique and approaches coaching at different levels of growth, so once again I repeat, is more of an invitation to try out my offerings and see what works and serves you best.

Ground: or as I also like to call it, “The Nourishing Phase”, the aim here is to create the optimal conditions that will eventually lead you to make conscious choices, this is the framework, we are setting up the loom which shall allow you to start weaving. As human beings we are made of many layers, the physical, the mental, the emotional, the energetic, the spiritual and so on. In order to breakthrough resistance we start working first with the physical layer; I introduce mindful practices, such as yoga, meditation, breath work, journaling. I ask you questions with regards to nourishment in the widest sense, what are the practices, foods, relationships that increase your prana or life force and make you feel more vital and engaged?

As you practice and integrate them in your daily life, you start nurturing your body and opening up, with this practices, as you take care of the Self, you start strengthening your psychological immune system and preparing the stage to go deeper.

In yoga in order to create a stable pose we build from the ground up, when the base is stable, we can stretch steadily, and is a constant dance between creating a safe space while playing with our edge in order to grow. When we are grounded, we feel safe, when we feel safe we are more open to explore because we are no longer on survival mode.

Observe: the Discovery Phase; in this stage I lend you a magnifying glass to look inside, to really look; I invite you to explore your depths and discover what values you stand for, what beliefs are holding you back…which ones still work for you and which ones you need to toss away…

In this phase you are ready to dive in and see where you are B..sing yourself, because the truth is, no matter how much work you’ve done, that last 5% is where the juice is. When we don’t tend to what matters most to us, that lack of attention, that poking inside, so gentle yet so loud, leaks in many ways, such as exhaustion, over eating, addiction, lethargy, watching too much telly, you name it, we’ve all been there.

Here I invite you to pause and observe what is real ; Is this a fact or is part of the trail thought or the story you attach to the thoughts which are often tainted by emotions?

In this stage we embrace all parts, when we welcome all our bits and pieces without judgement we can then move on to…

Lead: I like to call this one the Big Bang! You are now ready to lead from the inside out, this is where you get to practice being the real YOU, a unique masterpiece. This is where and when Conscious Choice happens and with it you now have the ability to create a Vision in awareness and include all your favorite colors and luxurious threads in this tapestry that is your life.

Very often when clients start, they are very eager to create a vision, but what happens is that if we are not clear about who we are and where we wish to head, then that vision is not accurate. Fortunately or unfortunately there are no shortcuts.

In order to make conscious choices that will translate into creating the live we want for ourselves we have to do the work. And that is what GOL is about, it is a step by step routine aimed at easing the way into going deeper and seeing the blind spots that block us from living fully and on purpose.

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Much love