No matter how much kale you eat, if you feel lonely, stressed, or disconnected, your health is being compromised. This is not about leading perfect lives, much to the contrary, it is about living with integrity. To me integrity, partly, means accepting what is here now, and be willing to move forward from a baseline of truth.

By no means I am encouraging you to quit kale, please ingest greens, loads! This is probably the only intervention I am certain of that will increase your physical health, ok, water and sleep too.

My point here is balance. Being a cerebral society mostly using the left hemisphere to function, yes merely function (that was intentional) we underuse the right side to a fault, therefore intuition & feeling have very little space in our lives.

Then it happens, bam! there is a physical manifestation of the lack of integrity, now integrity (to me) refers to integrating (and aligning) all the layers we are made of, the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic. We have ignored, purposely or not, the constant signs the body is sending, little twitch here, lethargy, tension there, reflux, insomnia, you name it.

And we get shocked, very. How could this happen to me? When the body finally speaks, we have been blind to our request.

But there lies the balance if we dare to see it. Since the body keeps talking, we can now have a real conversation and make this puppy our best ally in the business of transformation.

So, what happens frequently is that we decide to work on ourselves, whatever layer we choose we tend to ignore the others, then something goes off and we drop the ball. When we drop the ball we beat ourselves up, harshly, when we judge we become uprooted, distracted by the drama and miss the next stop.

First Reaction: Damn it! How annoying! this sucks, I’m late!…and so on…

It is the classic all or nothing approach. I either meditate in Tibet or binge on Netflix. I cannot miss this one stop on the journey of transformation.

Exercise 1: Pause and ask the following question: How do you treat yourself when you believe the first reaction? Pause again and feel.

Exercise 2: Now pause again and take three breaths: See this stop from a curiosity standpoint? You are here, two, three, four stops before your destination, what do you see? have you been here before? and if you were, remove your expert’s hat for a second and, see what’s around, can you see beauty, opportunity in the familiar?… if this is the first time, look around, feel anything for a change? Can you be patient without panicking?

..and while waiting, since you must, tend to all those layers, do a quick scan, is there something that needs gentle attention?

Look a new bus! Hop On. Life is not waiting.