Naturally I am attracted to simplicity, minimalism, I am drawn to white as the symbol of light and clarity… and so “more” triggers me, or triggered me, if I may say… I used to feel trapped just by the sound of it.

But, I wanted more. So I explored.

To me “more” was another way of saying “not good enough”.

“Not good enough” and this lady have had an existential problem for a while, we tried cohabiting, very hard indeed, but realized we wanted different things, so we said our goodbyes.
The challenge here was this inner contradiction, one part of me had had enough with more, longing for simplicity in every way, while another and very vivid one was constantly pushing me (in a nice way) to go further… which is another word for…. MORE.

So in this enquiry, the image of Leonardo Da Vinci’ s ideal body proportions drawing came to mind. He believed the workings of the human body to be an analogy for the workings of the universe.

And the Universe is all about expansion, limitless expansion. The Latin word for expansion is “expansionem”, which literally means SPREADING OUT …mmmm

So that constant pushing, suddenly hit me, was not and never had been, about “adding” more (stuff, people, money) but about opening up beyond the confinements of the drawing. An unfolding of my authentic power. Pay attention here, because the key lays in the direction of the spread, from the inside, out. The reverse might crumple with the authenticity of others, and that is not what your ideal proportions are about .

Once I cleared that out, abundance seems to flow without effort, and the remains of such never feel as “more” but simply as evolution.

Mariona Riera
Life & Business Coach