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Get the overall life balance that you have been dreaming off and haven’t managed to get on your own. This is a period of deep in-search and discovery. During this time with me you will gain an understanding of what is holding you back (your saboteur) and the importance of self-care as the gateway to transformation, allowing you to move forward and from a solid ground make conscious decisions.

With a renewed perception you will start living a life of integrity, in its most literal sense, by integrating your values and beliefs with all the particles of your life, the outcome: opportunity and prosperity.

I offer different packages according to your specific needs, contact me for further details.


STREAM will help you uncover your strengths, sharpen your vision, unfold your ideas, and develop an action plan for taking your purpose into the world.

STREAM is my exclusive & proprietary program crafted over a period of ten years.

STREAM goes beyond coaching, it involves mentorship, instruction, and unconditional support. There is, simply put, no other methodology in the market that takes into account all of our layers: The Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic & Spiritual. And yet, unless we do so, real transformation will not happen.

STREAM is structured in three phases, which, add and complement each other. It may be taken as a whole, or individually as 6, 9 or 12 months.

If you are ready to step up and experiment your path as a leader, this is the program for you. Contact me for further details


“We need a teacher to show us how to see ourselves, for that job there is a master, a sage who can teach any willing student the way. That sage is the HORSE” A.J. Hamilton.

EQUOS is the marriage of powerful life coaching tools with the wisdom and feedback of horses leading to profound personal and professional transformation.

Private EQUOS sessions and personal/corporate retreats with Mariona can be arranged year-round at locations throughout the US, Central America and Europe. Please contact us for further details.

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