Still feeling the buzz and energy rush from the Happiness Summit organized by Luis Gallardo, a visionary and true warrior of the heart. The panel of experts was mind blowing, the concentration of wisdom, information, and purpose made this event an utter success. The conversation about Happiness and how we can be Happiness is now out in the open and into the mainstream. These are trailblazers who care about legacy and making a positive impact.

With that in mind, on my way back to NYC, feeling both, exhausted & exhilarated, pen in hand, I found my way to my journal, and this came to heart. I live my life in the driver’s seat, with all the power & responsibility that such position entitles. I choose leadership every day, and in choosing, I believe that all that comes to me (ok 95%), or triggers me, I have co-created and is UPSed to my front door with a very clear message (aka learning).

So if people are not committing in my life, I look at my loyalty levels, if my four year old repeatedly says stop, stop, stop, I increase my mindfulness and so on. Any guesses where I am going with this?

Like energy, attracts like energy, what happens in your outer world is a mere reflection of your inner world and, while working on ourselves is a must, I have noticed that humans, specially & surprisingly in the leadership, coaching, yoga, mindfulness world, have a tendency to direct their attention to the “improving” stage and stay there longer than necessary, we are in constant fixer upper mode.

We love to look at the mirror and find spots, wrinkles, under eyes circles and quickly run to combine the best organic, non-GMO, gluten, dairy, soy free potions and, as the alchemists we are, deal with them masterfully. Well done!

So, if you’re intention is to improve, then your attention is on working to improve, then your reality will translate in more of the above, a lovely life of constant improvement. While it is a choice, and very often necessary, if you inflict a chunk of consciousness in the equation, your life might thank you for it.

Just for today, let’s try something different. Shift your intention to appreciation, look at what is working around you and direct your attention to the people who reflect integrity, commitment, passion, or anything you consider positive in your life, then my dearest friend walk tall, have enough self-esteem and acknowledge those traits on yourself. You have done good.

If you have the will to make this shift, while progressing and expanding, it might be the one that will transform your life. As my mentor and professor Tal Ben Shahar says, “when you appreciate the good, the good appreciates”.

Crafting the Life Well Lived

How you live your life matters