We avoid feeling because we are not taught to. In most cultures we are encouraged to divert ourselves through pills, drugs, food, running (yes, that too) as the easy doorway out, and strongly reminded of the horrors of going in.

Different elements play a role on how we express and deal with our emotions, for instance environment, let’s take a look at some of the most influential aspects in our lives.

• Home: If your mother avoided conflict, you might be doing the same by playing passive aggressive or gone the other way by being overly controversial. Both reactions.

• Cultural: Mediterraneans feel at ease kissing in public, talking loud, and so on. Within the different geographical areas, there are levels too, Italians & Greeks ranking the loudest, but maybe the Gold goes for the Hellenics (I’m married to one) they can go on longer & louder than anyone I have met (just for the record, I am still on the subject of acoustics). Then while visiting my family in Sweden, I took our little man to a park and simply put, my angelic boy (as I like to believe) looked like he had just come out of an exorcism. The mini Swedes were so quiet even the baddy was fighting at the decibel level of a mosquito. As I learnt, in Scandinavia, being loud is not customary.

• Physical: If you grow up in nature you’ll be more likely to be in tune with Gaia’s rhythm, therefore more open to accept your own, if raised by concrete, go figure.

But the thing is, and this is where it gets tricky and interesting, have you noticed the lack of excitement about feeling but at the same time a passion for mental masturbation?

Feeling the feeling no good. Thinking the drama, game on!

By adhering to the drama, we release more unwelcomed emotions and in doing so, this cycle we get ourselves in starts to look like a freak show, both deeply entertaining and disturbing.

Now in the light of the abovementioned clauses… my question to you is?

(Feel and answer on paper please)

When you think about your individual environments, is your version of Sadness, JOY, success, lifestyle, self care… still shaped by external influences that are not in tune with who you are TODAY?

If such is the case…

Are you ready for your own rendition?

Once you are & DO… your VISSION (vision+mission) will flow into every field you step in.

Go on, start sketching… it’s time ☺